Start Planning Father’s Day Fishing Trips Now

Spring is a busy time for families. Summer vacation nears for the school kids. Gardening gets families outside. Don’t let this busy time of year get away from you. Father’s Day is near. This year take your dad fishing.

Many men and woman enjoy fishing. It gets you out into nature. The sounds of the moving water help with relaxation. Fish are a great source of protein and have omega-3 fatty acid, which benefits your health. If your dad doesn’t fish, he’s likely to have a great day. If he does fish, he’s going to love the change of daily routine.

Research Fishing Spots in Advance

Elderly Care Laguna Niguel, CA: Father’s Day Planning

Your dad’s favorite fishing spots in the past may no longer be good choices. If his mobility is limited, he needs a fishing spot that is each to reach. Fishing from a pier may be best for him. Walking through an uneven meadow or forested area will be too difficult.

Have the Necessary Gear

If your dad was an avid fisherman, he probably has the equipment he needs. If he wasn’t, you’re going to need to rent, borrow, or buy the equipment. You’ll need fishing poles and a net. You’re going to need bait. A cooler to store the fish is also useful.

Make Sure You Have Current Fishing Licenses

If your state requires a fishing license, make sure you have one. State laws vary, but most have senior fishing licenses that can save money. In some areas, Father’s Day is open to free fishing. Find out if that is true in your area. If grandchildren will be joining you, check the laws to make sure they don’t need one.

Discuss Plans

Go over the plans with your dad. If he’s going to have to be up earlier than normal, make that clear. Find out how long he wants to spend fishing. While he used to fish all day, he may want to be home in time for a nap. You need to meet his changing needs and abilities with the time you’re away.

The earlier you plan a Father’s Day fishing trip, the less stressful it is on the day of the trip. You’ll have time to arrange for an elderly care aide to be there for your dad if he requires more supervision than you could give during the outing. You could also have the elderly care aide available when the day is done and someone needs to cook the fish he caught. Call an agency to learn more.


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