New Twists to the Grandparent Scam Are Fooling Seniors

You’ve heard about the grandparent scam? Hopefully, your parent is aware of it, too. Some seniors are falling for a new twist on the scam. One woman lost more than $7,000 because it seemed so real. Here are some of the ways this scam is adapting in order to fool more people.


The Calls Seem to Come from the Police

Home Care in San Juan Capistrano, CA: Grandparent Scams Are Fooling Seniors

Home Care in San Juan Capistrano, CA: Grandparent Scams Are Fooling Seniors

One of the ways this scam has changed is that the callers are spoofing the phone numbers of police and local attorneys. One woman got a phone call and the caller ID displayed the name and number of a real police department. As it said the police, she answered it and was told her grandson had been arrested and the lawyer needed cash for legal fees.

She was given the chance to talk to her grandson, and the voice sounded like him, so she didn’t question it. He told her the public defender would be calling her with instructions on where to send money. When the lawyer’s call came in, that too showed an actual law firm. She looked up both numbers and organization/firm names online to see if they were real.

Spoofing is a technique scammers use to make it look like they’re calling from an official number. You can look up that number and company or organization name to see if it matches the phone number. The problem is that technology has been used to fake where the call is really coming from. You can no longer trust that the number showing on your caller ID is really the caller’s number.


Callers Are Asking for Cash

It used to be that most scams asked for the target to wire cash using a company like Western Union. Gift card purchases were another common technique for getting money. Due to the possibility of being traced, scammers are now asking targets to use FedEx or UPS to send cash in a package.

The instructions tend to be very specific. Seniors are told to withdraw the cash from their bank and tell the employee they’re withdrawing the money to buy new appliances or something else that’s a significant purchase. They’re instructed to put the cash into several envelopes and insert those envelopes into books or magazines that get boxed up.

Once the package is sent, there’s a short time frame to recover it. If they actually receive the package, the money is gone. If your parent realizes it was a scam before the package is delivered, you can stop it.

If your mom or dad is lonely, they’re more likely to fall for a scam. Home care services make sure your parents have companionship. Caregivers can answer phones and keep an eye on your parents’ activities. It’s worth looking into home care to be sure your parents avoid being scammed.


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