November 2, 2017

Dear Lori,

I am so pleased to write this letter of reference to you for the great service we received from you and your great caregivers following my recent surgery.
While we had several, all of which were a great help to Diane and I (Diane also being disabled and unable to help me during this time), Arlene was truly an ideal fit for us.
Not only did they help around the house, but helped me with my simple daily personal care needed following surgery.  The range of help they provided was very much appreciated.
Please feel free to use this letter in any manner you want and provide my contact information as well.

William R. Wimberly

Dear Lori,
I want to thank you and your team for the exceptional care given to my mother.  The caregivers that you provided were kind, compassionate and gentle.  My mother can be difficult at times and the caregivers were always professional and extremely patient with her.  I also want to thank you for always being there for me and my family.  You're presence and availability at a moments notice was appreciated.  I would definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of care for a family member.
Marilyn Gould

To Whom it may concern:
Easy Living Home Care stepped in to assist my elderly mother when she was no longer able to drive, by helping her run errands and being a companion to her.  Several months after Easy Living began, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which required someone to be with her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I live out of state, so it was the next natural step to hire Lori and her team of caregivers at Easy Living for this job. What was suppose to be approximately six months of care turned into 14 months, by the time my mother finally passed. During that time, she had several caregivers and all of them were exceptional. I'm reminded how vulnerable the elder population is, especially at the end of life. Each caregiver truly cared, for my mom, exhibiting integrity honesty, tenderness and incredible patience. By the end of her life, my mother had deep relationships with each of these loving people.
I would recommend Lori and her team at Easy Living to anyone in need of running a simple errand all the way to 24/7 caregiving. They are truly extraordinary.
Jeri Wilkes

Dear Lori,
Thank you for your kind services.  I'm coming along, slowly, but managing OK.  Best regards.  I hope I won't need you again, but I know you are there if I do!
Adeline Moss

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to express how grateful I am for Easy Living Home Care.  My elderly parents live in a retirement community.  It was becoming time that they needed help in the home.  I called Easy Living to see what options were available.  Lori, the owner came to my parents home to meet with us. We immediately liked Lori. Her bubbly, happy but professional demeanor made us comfortable. She answered all of our questions and made my parents as well as myself relieved to know there was an option of in-home care. Lori was very patient and answered all of our questions. My parents were opposed to having a "stranger" come into their home. They were convinced they could care for themselves. We started off with 3 days a week for 4 hours. After about a month of care, my parents agreed to increase the care to 5 days a week and then to 7. My parents are very happy with their caregivers and look forward their visit.
I highly recommend Lori and the staff at Easy Living Home Care.  They are extraordinary.
Kay Stein

Dear Lori,
I am writing this letter of recommendation for Easy Living Home Care because of the excellent care provided to my Mother for the past five years.  We started out with you to provide 4 to 5 hours per day care for my Mother, which included companionship, helping with laundry and driving her to do shopping, doctor visits, etc.  This amount of care escalated gradually up to about 12-hours per day.  Then as my Mother's health and ability to care for herself diminished to the point that she became bedridden we had one of your care givers with my Mother on a 24/7 basis for the last two, plus years.
Lori has always been quick to respond to questions and handled any issue promptly and to our full satisfaction.  Lori's care givers treated my Mother's last two years as if they were caring for their own Mother. They treated her with dignity, love; providing her with congenial companionship and total care.  This gave me tremendous peace of mind as I live out of state and could only go back to visit Mother 5 or 6 times per year.  Lori always made certain that Mother had the best of care even on major holidays, when everyone would prefer to be with their own families.
In short, I heartily recommend Lori and her care givers should your loved one have need for care at any level.
Best regards,
Dave W. Riach

We began using Easy Living Home Care in January 2016.  The company was recommended to be by a friend who spoke highly of the owner, Lori LaPorte.
During the next five months, until my husband death, the caregivers who came to out home were wonderful.  After a few weeks we had one caregiver, Zohey, who became one of the family.  She was always on time, went way beyond the norm to give Dave wonderful care.  We worked as a team and I couldn't have done the care without her.  Besides taking care of Dave she supported me and made our days lighter with her presence.
I worked as a Home Health Aid for the Princeton Hospital, Princeton, N.J., for five years so I know the business and how good caregivers should work and care for their patient.  I have no complaints with the care from Lori's company.  When illness or an emergency arose, Lori always saw that we had another caregiver in our home.
Lori is a veryexperienced, and runs her company with excellence.  I recommend her and her company highly.
Judy O'neil

It is my pleasure to write this. I would like to recommend Easy Living Home Care for many reasons.  When I first contacted owner, Lori, I discussed that my dad would need three hours a day for 2-3 days per week in his home.  Lori was honest and reassuring and introduced us to one of her caregivers named Rachel.  Rachel took care of my dad attending to his needs for a bath, medication reminders and companionship. She was warm, loving and considerate.  When my dad's needs changed to 24 hour care, Lori adjusted Rachel's schedule to accommodate us.  Lori was always available if we needed changes.  If you are looking for care for a loved one, I highly recommend Easy Living Home Care.
Loretta Martin

Thank you, and a special you to Ellen.  She was so good to my mother and always contacted me to follow up with visits.
Marsha Ettinahoff

To whom it may concern,
I only wish I found Lori and Easy Living earlier.
My elderly mother wanted to continue to live in her own home. Lori and her caregivers took so much anxiety away from me.
Your loved ones couldn't be in better care than if you were there. I always teased my Mom that I thought she liked the helpers better than me and my siblings.
Lori and her team were so professional, and at the same time so loving. The communication between them was always there.
Do yourself a favor and choose Easy Living Home Care.
P.S. Rachel was a dream come true.
Linda Cosgrove LaVigne

To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great pleasure to write this letter in support of Lori LaPorte and Easy Living Home Care.
 My Aunt Lois was Lori's first client.  In the early days, my aunt only needed a driver to take her on errands, but as time passed her needs increased to the point she was bed ridden.  When my aunt needed 24/7 care Lori was there and the caregivers she hired always met my aunt's needs.  Aunt Lois was well cared for and Lori ensured all her medical needs were met.  Lori helped us with communication with the doctors and nurses. She would arrange for equipment that would make my aunt more comfortable.  Lori was wonderful and kept my sister and I informed as my aunt aged and needed additional help. We live in northern California and being so far away we needed to know our aunt was being cared for and safe.  Easy Living Home Care gave us comfort and gave my aunt great care.
Aunt Lois came to consider Lori a friend as well as a provider of care.  Lori has a fantastic company and I feel very fortunate to have known her and had her employees care for our beloved Aunt Lois.  We were able to fulfill our aunt's wishes to remain in her home because of Easy Living Home Care.
Priscilla Bilyeu


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am pleased to give my highest recommendation to Lori and her team at Easy Living Home Care.
I am writing this letter with the greatest sympathy, as you or your family may be finding yourself in a similar situation where I was when I was looking for caregiving services for my mother.  I personally remember feeling a combination of stress, hesitation and also some guilt about hiring any caregiving services.  But Lori's team helped to put my concerns and doubts at ease.  Every person I met from Easy Living Home Care was kind, respectful, and sensitive to our family.  I honestly don't believe I could not have done a better job myself attending to my mother's needs.
To put my situation into perspective, at the time of hiring Easy Living Home Care, I already contracted with a different large, reputable home care agency which I planned to hire full time. (I won't disclose the name of the company, so I will call them "Company X.")  However, I had serious misgivings about hiring company X and their caregiving services.  Some of Company X caregivers were clearly under-qualified, two of them arrived late, and may of them admitted through casual conversation that they had little to no experience in caregiving.
Lori and Easy Living Home Care literally came to the rescue.  Lori's caregivers were all excellent and two of Lori's employees, Ronna and Rachel, were both standout caegivers to my mom.  Rachel's sensitive and caring nature really put my mom at ease.  Ronna's upbeat personality and years of CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) experience was equally invaluable as well.  After attending to my mom regularly, Rachel and Ronna really won my mom over to the point where my mom stopped being resistant to caregivers coming to her home, and instead started to look forward to visits from Easy Living Home Care caregivers.
Easy Living Home Care caregivers really care about the needs of their patients.  Something I truly valued about Easy Living Home Care caregivers was that they were able to not only support the physical needs of the job, such as assisting in bathing, dressing, etc., but Lori's caregivers were able to provide excellent emotional support to my mom.  Knowing that my mom had this type of support in turn supported the rest of my family.  Lori's team made sure I received constant updates on my mom's condition, mood and general well-being.
I'm so happy to recommend the services of Easy Living Home Care and Lori's team.  I am certain that hiring Easy Living Home care was the best decision for my family.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you'd like to speak to me about my own experiences with Easy Living Home Care.
Sheri Nagasugi

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