How to Convince Mom to Get a Hearing Test

There are many things that can cause older adults to gradually lose their hearing. Because the loss happens slowly over time, they may not even realize it’s happening. Instead, those around them might notice it first. Family members may be annoyed by how loud the person turns up the television or radio. Or, they may have to repeat themselves frequently when speaking to the older adult. The older adult may also misunderstand conversations or complain that others are mumbling. Unfortunately, talking to someone about hearing loss and the need for a hearing test can be a tense situation. They may not take your suggestion that they are losing their hearing very well. If you’re facing a tough talk about hearing loss, below are some tips that may help you approach the topic.

Elderly Care in Laguna Hills CA: How to Convince Mom to Get a Hearing Test

Elderly Care in Laguna Hills CA: How to Convince Mom to Get a Hearing Test

Choose the Right Time.

Don’t approach the subject of hearing loss when the situation is already stressful. If your parent is already upset about something else, adding hearing loss on top of it isn’t likely to result in a productive conversation. Instead, wait until they’re relaxed and in a positive frame of mind.

Empathize with Their Loss.

Losing their hearing may not be your parent’s only concern. They may also worry about the loss of independence that can come with aging. Hearing loss can be a harbinger of more losses to come. Express that you understand and care about their feelings. Explain that getting a hearing aid could give them more independence than they have now since they won’t have to rely on other people to repeat parts of a conversation.

Talk About Safety.

Tell your parent that you’re concerned about their safety. They may be unable to hear the smoke alarm. They may not hear a car coming when they are out walking or a car horn when they’re driving. A hearing aid will allow them to be more aware of their surroundings.

Talk About the Ways Their Inability to Hear Affects You.

According to a survey conducted by AARP, 70 percent of older adults would get help if they knew their inability to hear was affecting their family members and friends. So, tell your parent how their hearing loss makes life more difficult for you. Tell them if the loud television gives you a headache, or if you worry about their safety, or if you sometimes find it frustrating to have a conversation with them.

When your parent decides it is time to go for a hearing test, an elderly care provider can drive them to the appointment. If they get a hearing aid, elderly care can assist with taking care of the device since aged fingers might have trouble handling the tiny hearing aid and its buttons. Elderly care providers can also remind your parent to use their hearing aid during the early days when it’s not yet a habit.

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