Five Bathroom Tips to Use During National Bath Safety Month

It’s time to get serious about bathroom safety for senior citizens. The National Council for Aging Care reports that 8 out of 10 falls take place in bathrooms. As many of half these falls occur when lighting is poor, surfaces aren’t level, or floors are slippery. Take time during January’s National Bath Safety Month to increase safety in your parents’ bathroom.

Senior Care in Seal Beach CA: Bath Safety Month

Senior Care in Seal Beach CA: Bath Safety Month

Install Non-Slip Flooring.

There are vinyl floor planks that look like wood but are developed to add traction. The vinyl planks are water resistant, which makes them great in a bathroom. The traction helps prevent slips and falls. If your parents have flat tile floors in the bathroom, it may be a good idea to switch to flooring that is less slippery when it’s wet.

Add Non-Slip Bath Mats.

Bath mats that are designed for in-shower use are ideal at preventing falls inside a tub or shower. They have suction cups that secure them to the floor. The ridges help add traction while standing in soapy water. They also remove easily for cleaning when the shower is not in use.

Purchase a Shower Seat.

Buy a shower seat that has rubber, non-slip feet. Rather than stand while trying to shower, your parents can sit on a sturdy seat. Make sure the weight limits match your parents’ weights. Handles help them return to a standing position before getting out of the shower.

Is It Time to Upgrade the Tub or Shower?

The National Council for Aging Care found that about 33 percent of the nation’s adults have a hard time getting in and out of a tub. To help prevent falls that occur when climbing over a bathtub’s wall, add grab bars. A walk-in tub is a more expensive upgrade, but it has many built-in safety features.

Grab bars belong inside and outside of the bathtub. When your parent is stepping over the tub’s wall, they should hold onto the grab bar for support. Put one right outside the tub on the bathroom wall. Add another inside the tub on at least the longer wall. If you can fit two inside the tub on the long wall and vertically on a shorter wall, that’s even better.

Discuss the Benefits of Senior Care Services.

Don’t let National Bath Safety Month pass without looking into improving bathroom safety. Once you’ve upgraded the home, talk to senior care services. Caregivers can heighten safety by being there to help your mom and dad get in and out of the shower.

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