Managing the Chronic Pain of Fibromyalgia in Seniors

Fibromyalgia in elderly adults is synonymous with chronic pain, and this devastating disease has a serious impact on the way a senior lives their life. Because of the severity of the symptoms when there’s a flare-up, many elderly adults and their family caregivers turn to elder care providers. The elder care provider can give in-home care to aging adults with fibromyalgia, especially on the days when they need it most.


Medical experts are not sure about what causes fibromyalgia, but the symptoms can often be managed to the point where they may only minimally impact the elderly adult’s daily life. In other instances, however, or when an event or behavior triggers the flare-up, fibromyalgia can even prevent seniors from leaving their beds. Having an elder care provider in the home takes a lot of stress off of aging adults and their family caregivers.


Here are some tips on managing the chronic pain that many seniors feel when they have fibromyalgia.


Tip #1: Learn the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Elder Care Mission Viejo, CA: Fibromyalgia in Seniors

Elder Care Mission Viejo, CA: Fibromyalgia in Seniors

Fibromyalgia is the cause of various widespread pain throughout the elderly person’s body. The most common pain happens in the muscles and joints. Other symptoms include headaches, gastrointestinal distress, tender skin, and insomnia. It’s also common for seniors to feel extreme fatigue as their bodies battle this all-encompassing disease. At times, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are so serious that they prevent aging adults from doing the bare minimum for the day.


Tip #2: Medication Management

The doctor has likely prescribed a number of medications to help an elderly adult control the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This means seniors must take the right dose at the right time to keep the worst of the symptoms at bay. However, many seniors forget to do so. An elder care provider or family caregiver can remind them of what medications they have and when to take them, plus any additional instructions from the doctor. Staying on top of proper medication for pain relief and relaxing muscles is key to relieving symptoms.


Tip #3: Easing Stress

One of the things that seniors can do to help ease fibromyalgia symptoms is to delegate a lot of stressful activities to their elder care provider. From light housekeeping and laundry to meal preparation and running errands, many activities cause stress which can trigger the fibromyalgia symptoms. Family caregivers and elder care providers can create an environment where the senior is comfortable, safe and well-cared for so that during the worst of the disease flare-ups, they can feel as good as possible.


Living with the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia has a serious effect on an elderly person’s quality of life. One of the ways to make it easier for them to age in place at home is to hire an elder care provider to assist them however they need it. Not only do elder care providers help with daily tasks, they are a physical and emotional support when seniors need them most.


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