Hypoglycemia is Also Dangerous – How Low Should Blood Sugar Levels Really Be?

Diabetes is a health issue where too much glucose is in the bloodstream. The high blood sugar level is known as hyperglycemia. For some people, the opposite happens. Blood sugar levels drop too low. It can be triggered by diabetes medications not working effectively.

Home Care in Irvine CA: Hypoglycemia

Home Care in Irvine CA: Hypoglycemia

In some people who do not have diabetes, diet and exercise trigger low blood sugar episodes. Symptoms include shakiness, confusion, rapid heartbeat, hunger, sweating, and a confused mental state.

Blood sugars should be in the 70 mg/dL range. Below that can trigger the symptoms of hypoglycemia. If your parent is diabetic, it’s important to raise blood sugars quickly. Many doctors recommend a glass of orange juice. If your dad is not diabetic, he should see a doctor to discover what is causing his blood sugar levels to be too low.

Reasons Someone Without Diabetes Gets Hypoglycemia.

If your dad has seen a doctor and doesn’t have diabetes, additional testing is needed to see what is causing the drop in blood sugar. It can happen when there is a tumor on the pancreas. It happens when there is severe liver damage from something like alcoholism or hepatitis. Eating disorders can also lead to hypoglycemia.

Take Action.

You need to get your dad’s blood sugar levels up. The dizziness and weakness he feels can lead to an unexpected fall. He could break a bone and require weeks of healing and therapy sessions. He could become dizzy while driving and crash.

The first place to start is with a doctor. Discuss concerns with his doctor and demand tests to find out what is causing the low blood sugar. Have your dad carry items like chocolates or sugar cubes that can raise his blood sugar if he’s out running errands. He shouldn’t drive if he’s prone to low blood sugar episodes.

Bring in Home Care Professionals to Help Out.

Your dad may not need home care services permanently, but while the cause of his hypoglycemia is being determined, a caregiver is useful. He’ll have someone to drive him to stores and appointments. He won’t be alone if a low sugar episode hits while he’s out.

At home, caregivers can help him safely get up and down stairs. Caregivers can make sure he’s eating properly and getting plenty to drink each day. Caregivers are also on hand to remind him to take medications each day.

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