Keeping Your Senior Healthy and Happy Is Easier than You Think

You’ve got a lot of goals when it comes to taking care of your senior family member and one of those that might feel impossible some days is keeping your elderly family member both happy and healthy. Try some of these ideas.

Talk to Her Doctor about Her Diet

Home Care Laguna Woods CA Happy Seniors

Home Care Laguna Woods CA Happy Seniors

Diet affects so much of health and happiness. Take a quick inventory of what your elderly family member is eating right now. If it’s heavy on the processed foods, then some changes are in order. See what her doctor recommends that she change in order to improve her overall health. Adopting a new way of eating, especially if it involves different cooking methods than she’s used to, can be intimidating. One solution can be to hire home care providers to do the cooking for her.

Include Some Questions about Exercise, Too

While you’re talking to your senior about what she’s eating, include a question or two about exercise, too. Even if your elderly family member has never exercised before, adding a little bit of movement to each day can give her some big benefits. Stick with her doctor’s recommendations, though, so that she isn’t at risk of overdoing it with exercise.

Hobbies and Other Activities Relieve Stress

Even if your elderly family member doesn’t seem as if she experiences a lot of stress, she’s experiencing stress more often than you think. If she’s not engaged in many activities, it might be time to explore some of her previous hobbies. Becoming more active mentally has big benefits for mood and for.

Look for Ways to Help Her Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is another key component of health and happiness. If your elderly family member isn’t getting the right amount of sleep or if she’s getting poor quality sleep, that’s a problem. Assess her nighttime routine first and see if there’s anything that you can change or add to help her rest and get ready for sleep. A relaxing series of activities can be a great cue for her brain that it’s time to slow down and get to sleep.

Everyone has different needs, of course, but by doing the best that you can to improve upon your senior’s quality of life, you’re going to be able to fulfill many more of those needs for her. Talk to your elderly family member about how she’s feeling about these changes, too, so you can address anything that isn’t hitting the mark.


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