The main realization that you’re going to come to as a caregiver to a family member in cognitive decline is that you’re going to need plenty of help. Ideally, family members will be able to pitch in, but realistically, you’re going to want to explore what senior care providers can do for you. These are just a few of the areas in which they’ll be able to assist you.

Your Responsibilities Will Continue to Grow

Home Care in Laguna Woods CA

Home Care in Laguna Woods CA: Are You Noticing Some Cognitive Decline? Here’s What Caregivers Should Know.

Much like other forms of caregiving, you’re likely to have a lengthy to-do list. Those responsibilities are also likely to grow much faster as you help an elderly family member experiencing cognitive decline. Finding a way to cope with that ever-expanding list is essential for you to maintain your sanity.

You May Need to Provide More Care for a Longer Period of Time

Cognitive decline doesn’t occur at exactly the same rate for everyone who experiences it. Your senior may need quite a lot of help from you and from home care providers for quite some time. it’s also important to note that she may have trouble with specific situations and yet be fine in others for a very long time. When that changes, you’ll have a “new normal” to adapt to.

You Need to Learn to Recognize Her Signs

Everyone has different signs and signals that they might use to indicate that they have a need. For your elderly family member who is experiencing cognitive difficulties, her signs may not make much sense to you at first. Working with experienced senior care providers gives you a chance to learn more about how she’s expressing her needs.

It’s Even More Important for You to Take Care of Yourself

Being a caregiver is never easy. It takes a lot out of you and you need to do everything that you can to take care of yourself as much as possible. Taking time away from your elderly family member is going to be a key component of your own self-care plan. As you start to accept this and notice the benefits that you receive from taking the time that you need, it becomes easier for you to make that time for yourself.

Your caregiving journey will teach you so much about helping your aging adult. Every day will bring new lessons and new experiences. Having the help that you need gives you a chance to enjoy every moment of that time.

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