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Five Tips for Making a Move Easier for Your Senior

Even though you want your senior to remain as independent as possible, there may still come a time that she needs to move in order to be safer or to have more help at hand. These tips can help you make the move an easier process.

Elderly Care in Lake Forest CA: Tips for Making a Move Easier for Your Senior

Elderly Care in Lake Forest CA: Tips for Making a Move Easier for Your Senior

Talk the Move Through Fully.

It’s crucial that your senior understands exactly what this move is going to entail for her. If she is moving to a smaller location, she needs to know that she won’t be able to take everything with her. Moving in with you may mean that other aspects of her life are going to change. You’ll need to talk through as much of the details of the move as possible.

Make a Plan for the Move.

Talking with your aging adult about the move might give you more information that you need. Now you can start to put together a detailed plan that covers as much of the preparation and actual move as possible. You’ll need to put steps in place for packing, cleaning, and relocating. You may also need to figure out where to store some items that won’t fit in your senior’s new home.

List the Resources You’ll Need.

With a plan, you can start assessing the resources you’ll need. This might include packing materials, cleaning supplies, and boxes or bags to sort items that are definitely not going with your aging adult. The sooner you can determine what you need, the sooner you can get those items and make sure they’re on hand for the packing process.

Line up Some Help if You’ll Need It.

You might also need more help than you realize. It might be worth the time and energy savings to hire a cleanup crew, a moving team, and even a handyman to take care of any repair or maintenance issues. Another consideration might be hiring elderly care providers to help your senior while you’re packing and moving her items. This allows you to place your focus on the move and still know that your elderly family member is in good hands.

Try to Stay Flexible.

The day of the move never goes how you expect it to go. Although you’ve made a detailed plan, keep in mind that you might need to drop back and punt a few times during the process. If you can stay flexible, you’re less likely to experience too much stress.

Remember that moves can be incredibly stressful for your senior, even if you’re handling the bulk of the details. She might need you to be a little more compassionate than usual if she’s having problems once the big day arrives.

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Easy Living Home Care owner and administrator, Lori LaPorte, has over forty years of extensive experience caring for the elderly community. Ms. LaPorte graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Special Education, Elementary Education and Health.

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She put her teaching career on the sidelines to raise two wonderful children, during which her passion for the elderly inspired her to start Easy Living Home Care in 2009. Ms. Laporte wanted to help people, especially seniors, find competent, qualified, and caring in-home care at reasonable rates.

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