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Caregiver of the Month

Caregiver of the Month: Arlene Morris

Caregiver of the Month: Arlene Morris

We are pleased to award Arlene Morris, Caregiver of the month for the month of June.

Arlene has been an employee of Easy Living Home Care for a little over one year. However, she has been a caregiver since 2010. Arlene always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She will stop by a clients on her day off to check on them or run an errand on her time.  If she is out and sees something one of her clients might like, Arlene will purchase the item and take it to the client without expecting anything in return.

Arlene is dependable and very patient. This is one of the reasons our clients request Arlene as their caregiver.

When asked what Arlene likes about caregiving she said, “I like to treat people the way I would want to be treated.  I just like helping people in all aspects of life. Seniors are fun and have valuable life experiences and stories.”

I am thrilled that Arlene Morris is on my staff of exceptional caregivers.  She is a caregiver who brings her clients joy and love.  If you ever need anything, she is there for you, whether it is with encouraging words, a hug, or a little help, Arlene is there.  I’m looking forward to enjoying another great year with Arlene.

Lori LaPorte

Founder/Owner at Easy Living Home Care
Easy Living Home Care owner and administrator, Lori LaPorte, has over forty years of extensive experience caring for the elderly community. Ms. LaPorte graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Special Education, Elementary Education and Health.

At a very young age it was always Ms. LaPorte’s passion to work with the elderly. She was a caregiver at a nursing home in high school and college and volunteered in senior centers and senior events held by the city in which she grew up. After graduation, Ms. LaPorte became a special education teacher for sixteen years.

She put her teaching career on the sidelines to raise two wonderful children, during which her passion for the elderly inspired her to start Easy Living Home Care in 2009. Ms. Laporte wanted to help people, especially seniors, find competent, qualified, and caring in-home care at reasonable rates.

Ms LaPorte takes an active role in conducting and managing all operations of her business. She is patient, compassionate and listens. Ms. Laporte is always available to her clients and staff.

In her spare time, Lori volunteers for the American Red Cross and Leashes of Love canine rescue organization.