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6 Reasons Seniors Should Adopt a Shelter Cat

Do you and your elderly mom or dad want to make a difference in your community and benefit at the same time? Consider adopting an adult cat from your local humane society or rescue organization. Not only will it save the life of a wonderful adult cat but owning a pet can be extremely beneficial for elderly adults as well.

Senior Care in Laguna Niguel CA: Adopting a Shelter Cat

Senior Care in Laguna Niguel CA: Adopting a Shelter Cat

Here are 6 reasons why seniors should seriously consider adopting an adult shelter cat:

1. Adult Cats Need Forever Homes.

According to recent statistics, nearly 3.2 million cats enter the shelter system in the United States each year. Adult cats are more likely to be euthanized than younger cats and dogs. Adopting an adult cat can save a life.

2. Adult Shelter Cats are in Good Health.

Shelters welcome cats of all kinds, and they are thoroughly checked out by vets. They get vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and treatment for any problems. With adult cats, heath issues are already established so there are few surprises.

3. Adult Cats Are Better for Seniors.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with kittens, but they are not necessarily the best pets for elderly adults. Instead, rescue an adult cat and reap the benefits with few of the headaches that kittens provide. Adult cats are more mellow and are content to be cuddled and petted for hours. They love to sleep on their owner’s lap or bed, making them excellent companions for lonely seniors.

4. Adult Cats Boost Health and Happiness in Seniors.

Studies show that pet ownership leads to more activity, less stress, and reduced isolation and loneliness. Even seniors who rely on family caregivers and senior care providers for their daily needs can perform most of the pet care for an adult cat.

5. Adult Cats Are Still Playful.

Too many people mistakenly believe that adult cats are not playful like kittens. Adult cats need about 30 total minutes of play each day. Seniors can engage with their pet by dragging a ribbon or string, pulling a feathered toy along the ground, or working with their senior care provider to manipulate other cat toys for entertainment and fun.

6. Adult Cats Provide Purpose and Motivation for Seniors.

At a time when seniors are increasingly losing independence and rely more and more on senior care providers and family caregivers, they can become empowered knowing that they are responsible for their feline friend. Owning an adult cat helps them focus on caregiving and nurturing instead of their own physical issues. The unconditional love that cats give makes seniors feel really good.

If you are interested in something that will benefit your elderly parent as well as a lucky adult cat, consider adoption as soon as possible.

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Easy Living Home Care owner and administrator, Lori LaPorte, has over forty years of extensive experience caring for the elderly community. Ms. LaPorte graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Special Education, Elementary Education and Health.

At a very young age it was always Ms. LaPorte’s passion to work with the elderly. She was a caregiver at a nursing home in high school and college and volunteered in senior centers and senior events held by the city in which she grew up. After graduation, Ms. LaPorte became a special education teacher for sixteen years.

She put her teaching career on the sidelines to raise two wonderful children, during which her passion for the elderly inspired her to start Easy Living Home Care in 2009. Ms. Laporte wanted to help people, especially seniors, find competent, qualified, and caring in-home care at reasonable rates.

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